#Substrate consortium blockchain

  • We have participated in ParityAsia’s weekly discussion on the Substrate consortium blockchains. Link for details.
  • We have finished the research of Substrate consortium blockchains in the “Financial Distributed Ledger Technology Security Specification” of the current situation, advantages and disadvantages of the contract part of the demand conditions and future improvement.


  • We have refactored the project structure of Ask! and have changed to the form of transform to implement Ask!.
  • We referred to scale-info and Solang to implement a sub-library of the Metadata specification.
  • We consider making some storage-related grammar design improvements.


  • We have carefully planned the development content in v0.4, and plan to write and submit the treasury proposal for v0.4 next week. In v0.4, the main development focus is to help Redspot implement more plug-ins to support richer functions, support Docker, and we plan to provide a Canvas-UI-like UI interface to facilitate contract developers to operate contracts.
  • Docker functionality is being supported this week.


We have carefully planned the development content of Europa v0.3, and plan to write and submit the treasury proposal for v0.3 next week. In v0.3, the main development focus is that Europa will make a Ganache-like UI interface and provide compiled binary packages for packaging and distribution. After this version, Europa will become a user-friendly sandbox product, and we will continue to iterate on this basis.


We started the Ceres project (the original Europa-lite project). Ceres is an ink! Contract operating environment iterated from Europa. Europa is positioned to simulate the node environment, while Ceres is positioned to only simulate the contract execution environment, so Ceres will be similar to Ethereum.js, which can be integrated into other environments to provide a contract execution environment and allow ink! Contract to run anywhere (Including browser). Ceres will provide both CLI and Desktop App (both provide the same functionality).

During this week, Ceres has supported:

  • The *.contract compiled by cargo-contract has been parsed.
  • Based on patract/wasmi, implement the ink! contract executor in Ceres (support Wasm Debug).
  • Successfully deployed Flipper’s Deploy function.

Ceres will release the Alpha version after submitting the treasury proposal. The Alpha version will support the following features:

  • Support all Host Functions in pallet-contracts.
  • Provide the on-chain environment required by the above Host Functions.
  • Runtime supports the running of all functions of Flipper.
  • The corresponding CLI and Desktop App.


  • The new official website has been refactored, and the Nextjs version has been upgraded, the support for internationalization is more friendly, and several animations have been added. Vercel is used to host the new official website, and Cloudflare CDN is used to accelerate static resources.
  • In the development of Roadmap, SVG is used to draw Roadmap.
  • The official website integrated Blog and the Blog multi-language module.
  • Docs built framework selection, used Vuepress to build Patract Docs.
  • Build a static file service and host Brand Assets (


The project dependencies of the go-patract project have been upgraded and adapted to Frame Contracts Pallet 3.0 to support the latest contract call interface of 3.0.


Roughly completed the official website console function rewrite.


  • Add some missing fields from the Blockchain API.
  • Plan the PatraScan product and the follow-up development plan.

#Patract’s Council work

  • Voted aye in the Polkadot Council for motion #71, regarding the construction of the PolkaWorld website. Link for details.
  • Voted aye in the Polkadot Council for motion #72, regarding Wei Tang’s new decentralized identity registrar. Link for details.



  • Completed the blocks, the data design of transaction and event-related functional modules for the PatraScan browser, and completed the page prototype design.
  • Staking related data sheet model design.

#Patract Contract Model

  • Researched and completed the contract storage model design, including storage deposit calculation details, collection and return steps, etc.
  • Completed the Jupiter TPS testing script.
  • Started to develop a verification version of the contract storage model.


Researched Ethinfo and other products, and completed the preliminary module planning.

Marketing And Operation

#Wasm Contract Open Platform

  • Patract has partnered with Apron Network on Elara node service related products, and jointly built the Wasm contract open platform. Link for details.
  • Coinversation and Patract have reached a unified consensus on Wasm contract ecosystem development and cooperation goals, and they will consider deploying Wasm contracts in the future. Link for details.

#Polkadot DAO Alliance

Polkadot DAO Alliance (PDA for short), initiated by SubDAO, was jointly established by dozens of Polkadot ecosystem projects. The founding members are: Patract, Plasm, Phala, Stafi, Crust, Litentry, Bifrost, Darwinia, Zenlink, DeepDAO, SubDAO. Link for details.

#Official website updated

Patract’s official website was upgraded and launched, the Logo was redesigned, product sections were enriched and optimized, and multiple content sections such as Blog were added.

#Polkadot Hackathon

In the Polkadot Hackathon held by ParityAsia, 3 projects developed with the Patract suite won the second and third prizes and the investor’s favorite team award respectively. Among them, SkyePass, a decentralized password and identity management party based on IPFS and Substrate WASM smart contracts, won a special sponsorship of 10,000 CNY by Patract.

# Upcoming Events

  • On March 29th, Patract founder Lipeng Yue will attend Curst Open Day 2021 #4. Link for details.
  • On April 1, Patract founder Lipeng Yue will attend the Polkadot Beijing NFT special Meetup roundtable session. Link for details.

About Patract

Patract is providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot. We help the community to design and develop on-chain contract modules and Runtime support, and provide DApp developers with full-stack tools and services support, covering development, testing, debugging, deployment, monitoring, data provider and front-end development stages.

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