Litentry develops Litentry’s ink! smart contract based on Patract’s Redspot tool, allowing DApp developers to easily integrate cross-chain identities and data on Litentry, identity calculations in different scenarios according to their own algorithm logic, and customize their own user reputation and grading system. In addition, Litentry expands the contract running sandbox environment Europa provided by Patract, increases the accessibility of Litentry Pallet data, and can directly simulate the interaction with Litentry nodes.

Quotes from Litentry

“Patract’s tools make it more convenient for us to write contracts, test contracts, and simulate the real Litentry network. This is due to the enhanced execution environment log system, which makes it easier to locate bugs in the contract. Patract’s engineers gave a lot of online guidance during the use process, They are very powerful。” — — Hanwen Cheng, Litentry CEO

Quotes from Patract

“Litentry’s identity aggregation and verification function provides real-time credit data of the identity owner for blockchain applications. These data are critical to the composability of upper-level DeFi applications. With the platform advantages of Wasm contracts, more community developers can be accepted. Participate in the provision of data and build upper-level DApps based on these data to create a DID identity platform ecology.” — Lipeng Yue, Patract Founder

About Patract

Patract is providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot. We help the community to design and develop on-chain contract modules and Runtime support, and provide DApp developers with full-stack tools and services support, covering development, testing, debugging, deployment, monitoring, data provider and front-end development stages.

Polkadot Wasm contracts have lower development and deployment costs than parachain development. Compared with EVM contracts, they support writing more complex business logic and have lower transaction costs. We support Litentry to attract more community developers to participate in Litentry’s community construction based on its own advantages in identity products and the platform advantages of Wasm contract.