Help @shamb0 to complete the review of Redspot v0.3.



Designed and implemented the StorableMap class, and implemented self-enumerable Map storage.

  • Exported the value of the entry Key in MetaData.json.
  • The format of the data stored on the chain is: key -> (value: next->key), so you can access the value stored under any key in O(1), or access to any value in O(n) iteratively.


  • Compiled all extension codes and migrated all to Ask! , Completely separated from ASC.
  • The inheritance and deployment of the reference file has been completed, and the problem of contract code must be in the same file is solved.


  • The 0.3 proposal has been written and waiting to be submitted after Redspot’s vote is passed.
  • According to the proposal to design the development plan of version 0.3.


Patract-Archive is a redesigned chain Archive project referred to Substrate-Archive. Its purpose is consistent with Substrate-Archive, and it is used to export chain state and block data. But Patract-Archive is more stable, extensible, supports multiple producer-consumer models, and is decoupled from the node environment. It is the basic component of Patract’s many data-related businesses (such as PatraScan, Elara, etc.).

The preliminary design of Patract-Archive has been completed within last week and this week, and we have a basic realization of the 0.1 framework, deleted the public components. We are about to be used in the testnet environment as version 0.1 within the next week.

# Elara

Redesigned the Elara UI.


  • Support custom storage interface
  • Support Wasmtime
  • Support std / no_std conditional compilation
  • Support all Host Functions in Pallet-Contracts
  • Support custom Runtime-Interface

# Patracts Pallet

  • Completed the development and testing of contract storage deposit model.
  • We are about to open to the public next week for testing.

Patract Product


  • Written storage definition documents for Pallets such as Staking, Session, Democracy, Council, etc.
  • Completed the drawing of prototype pages related to account details, democratic governance, and parliament in PatraScan, and writed corresponding API documents.
  • Added Treasury related to API.
  • redesigned the back-end architecture.


Completed the drawing of prototype pages related to Explorer, Transaction, Blocks, etc.

Marketing and Opertation

#Patract’s Council work

  • Voted aye for Kusama’s #4 Bounty proposal, regarding the development of notification Apps of Council-related affairs.
  • Vote aye for the upgrade of Kusama v2030.
  • Vote aye for Polkadot’s #43 Treasury proposal on the development of Governance-related mobile App M2 developed by Litentry.


  • On April 9, Patract CTO Aten shared in the first phase of TechShare about 「How To Get Started With ink! Smart Contract Quickly」. TechShare is one of the online activities of the Patract development community.We hope that through this series of sharing, we can analyze Patract’s technical principles and implementation details from top to bottom, from the shallower to the deeper, and we will conduct online live sharing twice a month.
  • On April 11, Patract attended the offline event of the Shanghai 「Common· Innovation Conference」organized by Jinse Finance. Patract and other Polkadot ecological projects jointly discussed the difficulty of Polkadot’s constructing structure, the difficulty of following the progress of each parachain, and the project’s in-depth topics such as the choice of kusama and polkadot slots and threads.

About Patract

Patract is providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot. We help the community to design and develop on-chain contract modules and Runtime support, and provide DApp developers with full-stack tools and services support, covering development, testing, debugging, deployment, monitoring, data provider and front-end development stages.

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