Development and Products


  • Completed the application of Redspot v0.4 proposal, and help completed the Redspot v0.3 review.
  • Implemented the v0.4 proposal in the middle of this month, Docker compilation, chain types, multi-contract compilation control, file watcher.
  • Developed the Redspot browser UI interface. It is expected that 80% of the functions in Redspot v0.4 have been completed.



Designed and implemented the StorableMap class, self-enumerable Map storage,and the StorableArray class, refactored the Storage part, and completed the implementation of the @packed annotation. Fixed bugs in the implementation of @event.


All compiled extension codes are migrated to Ask! , completely isolated from ASC; the inheritance expansion reference file has been completed, and the settlement contract code must be in the same file.


  • Ask! inherit the development and optimization, Ask! globally Import objects Msg, Storage, etc. . Through the definition of Interface, cross-contract call is realized and development is started. Continue to develop cross-contract calls through interface calls, and code generation is basically completed.
  • Start to develop and use Json to generate metadata.json.


Europa v0.3

Completed the prototype design of Europa products. Submitted a development proposal for Europa v0.3

Europa v0.2

  • Europa v0.2 Code Review is over. Fixed the problem of parse failure in the Name Section of the compiled Wasm file due to the Rust version upgrade.
  • Fixed the problem of missing SS58 version in Metadata, increased the maximum contract code limit to 4M, and the next version lifted the contract size limit.


Support custom storage interface, Wasmtime, std / no_std conditional compilation, all Host Functions of Pallet-Contracts and customized Runtime-Interface. Ceres has currently iterated 5 versions and completed the Beta version of the Ceres command-line tool.


  • The new official website is online, the new interface system displays the user’s usage data more clearly than before.
  • Fixed the problem that KV message subscription is not cancelled. Fixed the problem that the disconnected memory of Websocket is not cleaned up. Added PM2 process status monitoring and chain health status monitoring. Fixed a bug where long-time subscribed links returned empty data.
  • Added a new Polkadot node and Kusama provided more powerful concurrency capabilities.
  • In this month, nodes cannot provide service, In this process, Elara took over the main traffic and provided high-quality access, which proved the superiority of the system behind Elara (the back of Elara is not a simple node cluster, but uses Patract’s self-developed technology).

#Patracts Pallet

  • Created a new repo to implement the new contract specifications established by Patract.
  • Designed the contract deposit model, adopted the method of charging by byte + storage, each time the contract is created/called, the deposit will be deducted from the caller’s Gas Fee when the storage is increased, and the deposit will be stored in the public deposit pool, and the storage will be reduced and returned Reduce the deposit of the corresponding deposit to the caller.
  • Initial implementation of the contract deposit model, in the debugging and verification stage, it is expected that it will be opened to the outside for testing.

#Contract storage deposit model

  • Analyzed the shortcomings of the storage lease model of the Substrate Contract module, compared with the team storage deposit model scheme, and output an analysis article.
  • Discussed the pros and cons of the current contract storage deposit model with the official Parity developers, discussed the decoupling of the upper-level ink! language function from the underlying leasing model, and participated in planning the future development direction of the module.



  • Summarized and analyzed all Extrinsic and Event types.
  • Completed the Substrate storage structure document.
  • Completed the Substrate streamlined class diagram.
  • Completed the logical design of the page display of the Staking module.
  • Drawn prototype pages related to account details, democratic governance, and councils in PatraScan, and write corresponding API documents.


  • Added Treasury related API.
  • Reorganized PatraScan back-end architecture according to Patract-Archive.


v0.1 version (based on Rocksdb storage version)

  • Refactored the Actor model to make it decoupled and componentized, and added the Dispatcher component for message distribution (such as Kafka). Added the missing storage of the original Genesis block, add Child Trie related storage, and add Finalized Block data.
  • Debuged and fixed the v0.1 version problems.

v0.2 version (based on substrate source code)

  • Used the — chain method to specify and adapted Dev and DOT Genesis Json files.
  • Used a similar macro expansion method to generate code without rely on Runtime, and re-implements the minimum set required by Mock Runtime.
  • After the Block Import is finished, writed DB and MQ, including Blocks, Storages, Version, Metadata.

Marketing and Community

#Marketing Cooperation

  • Patract will support the privacy DeFi protocol Manta Network to integrate Wasm contract functions. Read for details.
  • Litentry developed the ink! contract based on Contract’s Redspot and Europa products to expand the identity service ecosystem. Read for details.
  • Polkadot unsecured lending platform Bandot joined the Patract Wasm contract open platform.
  • OpenSquare and Patract cooperated to develop a multi-asset Gas mechanism.Read for details.
  • Patract and Plasm reached an in-depth cooperation to popularize the Wasm contract development tool suite. Read for details.
  • Bifrost joined the Patract open platform and plans to integrate Wasm contract functions. Read for details.
  • Patract has reached a partnership with Polkadot DAO infrastructure SubDAO. Read for details.
  • Standard and Patract reached a strategic cooperation. Read for details.
  • Zenlink announced to join the Patract open platform and cooperated to upgrade the Wasm contract version. Read for details.
  • Clover announced to join Patract Open Platform, planning to support Wasm smart contracts. Read for details.
  • MathChain announced to join Patract Open Platform. Read for details.

#Community and activities

  • On April 1, Patract founder Lipeng Yue was invited to participate in the Polkadot Beijing panel for NFT special Meetup. discussed the challenges facing the development of NFT and the advantages of choosing Polkadot to develop NFT with other invitors .
  • -On April 1, the founder of Patract Lipeng, Yue was invited to participate in the first joint meeting of the Polkadot DAO Alliance.
  • On April 9th, In the first issue of TechShare, Patract’s CTO, Aten shared How To Quickly Get Started With Smart Contracts of ink! . Welcome to watch the video. Click for view.
  • On April 11, Patract attended the offline event of the Shanghai 「Common· Innovation Conference」organized by Jinse Finance.
  • The Substrate Contract Book is led by Patract, and its CTO Aten is responsible for writing a series of knowledge related to Substrate and the Wasm contract system. It is currently online on the official website ( and is continuously updated. Welcome to check.
  • On April 23rd,In the second episode of TechShare, Patract’s CTO, Aten shared and lectured the Ink! Primary Practice (Solidity Paradigm) . Click for view.
  • On April 27th, The founder of Patract Lipeng,Yue was invited as at 8btc Academy’s 32nd open class to explain the topic of Gavin Wood’s inside journey from the comparison between Polkadot’s current situation and the white paper.
  • On April 29th, The founder of Patract Lipeng,Yue was participated in the live broadcast of PolkaWorlk’s Polka Parachain series. In this issue, he shared the topic How Polkadot’s Parachain Framework will Incubate Smart Contract 2.0.
  • On April 29th, The founder of Patract Lipeng,Yue was invited to participate in the Privacy on Polkadot event initiated by ZKValidator, and participated in the privacy projects in the Polkadot ecosystem. Here is the share from the founder of Patract.

About Patract

Patract is providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot. We help the community to design and develop on-chain contract modules and Runtime support, and provide DApp developers with full-stack tools and services support, covering development, testing, debugging, deployment, monitoring, data provider and front-end development stages.